Mashable Meetup Athens

February 17, 2011

Alterian SM2The 3rd Mashable meetup in Athens (1st was in Social Media day in June and the second in July) took place in Colab Athens the first co-working space in Greece. Almost 30 people attended the event, many of them were not Social media experts but interested in Social media and monitoring. We had a lot of socializing and free coffee for all!
Except the socializing effect of the event we had for first time in our mashable events 2 presentation of social media monitor tools.

The first one was the Presentation of Alterian SM2 from Panayotis Kazanis from (@baas_gr authorized Greek retailer for alterian).
It was an online presentation with many questions from people that attended. Panayotis Kazanis was too helpfull to answer all questions so everybody enjoyed the presentation. The great thing with alterian is that working perfectly with Greek language.
The second one was the presentation that this was a really amazing presentation for a greek startup. is personal branding tool, a vital app for every Entrepreneur.
BusyFounder, helps you track your social growth and provides hints about possible connections, hypes etc. in order to give you insights about your online persona. is personal branding tool, a vital app for every Entrepreneur.
The application is still only under invitation mode but John Vlachoyannis (@jonromero) gave a really insightfull presentation about problems that solve BusyFounder.
I really enjoyed the event and I want to thank one more time everyone that came. Also I want to thank Colab for hospitality that make it possible to have an event like this!

Ismail Kadare, are you racist?

April 16, 2010

Ismail Kadare

Right now I read that Ismail Kadare cancelled his speech in Athens because of the racist slogans that were heard in parade of 25th March. Sadly there is racism in Greece as in all countries of the world. Racism has a social-economic reason to exist in our societies. In a world of fear and terror racism and nazism is logical to be. But We ,Greek, are not all racists.We don’t agree at all. If someone says I cannot go to talk in Greece because there they hate Albanians, is racist like the one that says one Albanian stole me, all Albanians are thieves.
And even if Ismail Kadare did it to show something with his move, to show whom? To racists? I think they will say we don’t need him. Who lost from this movement? Everyone that would love to listen Ismail Kadare and sure hates also every Greek that agreed with racists slogans.
Also mr Kadare maybe didn’t read that greek public opinion was shocked from the video and many of Greek were disgusted by video.
I hope that he would change his mind and he will come…
photo by jlmaral

New flickr uploadr, possible problem.

January 23, 2009

new flickr uploadr

New version of flick uploadr and I downloaded and use it right away. Is much better and faster than version 3 that I had remove from my computer it and I was using 2.5.
But today also I had a problem when I tried to open it after a restart. I had changed the folder of some photos, […]

Who likes Google Chrome?

January 15, 2009

photo by Randy Zhang

photo by Randy Zhang

Ok a new Google chrome is no longer a beta but without RSS support who likes it? They couldn’t make it compatible at least with google reader? So if I click on a rss to take me right away to my google reader.

Google imported “Blogs that I am following”,annoying

November 23, 2008

by Kaeru

by Kaeru

Before some weeks I had imported blogs that I am following at google reader to my Blogger dashboard just to be easy for people watching at my profile blogs that I am following.
But finally now Google imported back at my reader blogs that I am following from blogger… So I have many doubled posts. And it was really annoying. I tried to find and hopefully I found answer at google groups. So at preferences you can uncheck the box and fix the really annoying automatic import. […]

Yahoo photos and flickr

September 22, 2008

photo by Mskadu

photo by Mskadu

Almost before one year yahoo photos moved to flickr. I liked it. I had already purchased a pro account but what I missed from yahoo account is the privacy of my photos. At flickr ok you can share your photos only with contacts,friends and family but it is not possible to share a photo with only some contacts of you. I would like to have an option like friend lists so I can share a photo of private moments with my girlfriend with her without my brother can see them… […]

Why I don’t like feedburner in wordpress blogs

July 7, 2008

Many days I was thinking to write that I don’t like feedburner but now that I read why Panayotis don’t like disqus I decided to do it. Actually also I don’t like disqus not only about absence of trackbacks that now it is fixed but the reply system can make to lose a very interesting comment because it is under a stupid flame war. But I don’t like feedburner in wordpress blogs because after one year that I was testing the co.mments and I get bored that I couldn’t have a easy way to check all places that I have left a comment. So I made a tag comments in my google reader and I am registering in the feed of every single post. BUT feedburner wp plugin redirect to the full feed so I actually destroys wp-facilities. I like feedburner but I give this feed not in my blog for email subscribers, for vidcast subcribers but not as my blog’s feed

Why to offer free under Creative Commons?

June 11, 2008

Karen Asrian
I am a supporter of Creative Commons. All my photos are under Creative Commons. I don’t care if someone makes money from that but just to have anyone that needs a photo and for me a citation…
Wikipedia uses 75 of my photos. Many of thme are from famous people that I managed to took pictures of them. One of them my teammate and one of the most strong players Karen Asrian. Sadly he passed away before 2 days. I feel bad about this. Last days I didn’t read any chess news and I received an invitation for group in his memory so I searched for news to see if it was a bad joke or true what I didn’t want to believe.
So I saw that it was everywhere my photo used without any citation to the source.I don’t sell my photos but I would like only a citation for the source. […]

These days I kill goblins and zombies

June 8, 2008

These days I play oblivion. Tonight I am restoring my blog to new server. I hope that 18mb would be good uploaded.As I am waiting I tested mobile edition plugin in my this blog. So you can read it by your mobile without waiting so much for all the photos. I tested it in my N82 and it is working excellent. Probably I will use it and in ban artist?

May 15, 2008

Last fm
Actually it is not normal to write only feedback in my english but write now only this I like to share it in not my native language. I am fan of I bought and subscription so I can listen my favorite songs. But I would like to have the option to ban artists than ban only songs. Many Greek singers I cannot even listen them. So when I choose to listen greek rock, because of lack of many greek songs or bad tagging there many singers that are greek pop. So that time I was thinking about banned them but I cannot… Have you thought about it?

photo via Ikony

Flickr embed this

May 14, 2008

Last days have many problems and I think is the problem of the “new” feature of video. I don’t like it but I like that people they are working to to have a something good for all us small web publishers. So I like very much Flickr share this but I would more useful you could use it for all the sizes.